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Regulation of Third Sector Organizations in Israel

הארגון החברתי​
המעטפת הרגולטורית

What Distinguishes the Regulation of Nonprofit Organizations? By Noy Brindt and Nissan Limor.

A Chapter from the Book: Regulation in Israel – Values, Effectiveness, Methods. Edited by Eyal Tevet, Varda Shiffer, Itzhak Galnoor.


The regulation of nonprofit organizations (NPOs) has undergone significant institutional changes in recent decades, as part of a global change influenced by modern trends. Among these trends are developments in the state’s role, especially in relation to civil society and NPOs.
These developments include neoliberal policies that intensify privatization and commercialization strategies; changes in the social, political, economic, and technological domains that spur NPOs to try to influence public policy, especially socioeconomic policies; the blurring of boundaries between the public sector and the third sector, which has affected the state’s attitude toward NPOs and how NPOs view themselves and their role; the rapid growth in the provision of social services by NPOs; the rise of nongovernmental organizations, locally and globally; the increase in terrorist activities worldwide; the campaign against money laundering; and the expansion of professionalism in management positions, often encouraged by statutory regulation initiatives.


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